Evening of Spirit with The Blue Lady at Moss Beach Distillery, 8/12/15


EVENING OF SPIRIT:  A Seance with the Blue Lady

Join famed Irish medium Sandra O’Hara and parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach for a special dinner and evening of Spirit contact and tales of the haunted history of the Moss Beach Distillery.

First, enjoy a tasty dinner with your hosts in an intimate setting.

While you’re eating, Loyd Auerbach will talk about the legend of the Blue Lady, the restaurant’s haunted history, and his own investigation which has been ongoing since 1991 – and his personal encounters with the Blue Lady (including a slightly intimate contact), and his work with several psychics and mediums, including those who have connected with the Blue Lady in different parts of the world (she travels!).

Following dinner, medium Sandra O’Hara will connect with the Spirit of Cayte, the Blue Lady. Audience members will be able to ask questions of the Blue Lady through Sandra (and Sandra herself, of course). While her primary contact will be the “Blue Lady” of the Moss Beach Distillery, Sandra may also communicate with deceased relatives and friends of the audience members (if those Spirits make the trip to the coast).

This event is limited to 30 people.

Date: Wednesday August 12, 2015
Time: 6 PM dinner starts (there will be a limited menu to choose from; dinner includes soup or salad, entree and dessert)
7:30 Loyd Auerbach
8:15 Sandra O’Hara

Cost with Dinner, non-alcoholic beverage, tax & tip: $130 in advance (up until the day before)

$145 at the door – please call no later than 2 PM on July 1st to confirm that there are still spots open.  Loyd Auerbach at 925-518-4071 or Carrie Meehan 415-342-0156. If we are full up we will, sadly, have to turn you away.

Email contacts: Carrie Meehan at livingitwell@gmail.com

Loyd Auerbach at profparanormal@gmail.com


The Moss Beach Distillery is at 140 Beach Way, Moss Beach, CA 94038. For directions, go to the Distillery’s website, http://www.mossbeachdistillery.com/directions.html

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