Our feelings of grief are magnified on days that we are accustomed to celebrating … days that were so meaningful to our deceased loved one and family.

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, anniversaries of the death, Christmas, family holidays and special occasions often trigger our grief response.

Remember that life has changed since the death of your loved one.  In grief we are adjusting to new roles.  Family get togethers are different now.  For some, they might be more commemoration than celebration.

Copying with grief can be particularly difficult when annual traditions and special occasions are continued in the friend’s or relative’s absence.  During these times our deceased loved ones are noticeably missed and their absence is more palpable than on a typical day.

Honor your sadness and your joy.  The person you are missing contributed to who you are.  Don’t be afraid to acknowledge them and pay tribute.  Be confident in your remembrance and embrace your emotions.

Hold onto the thought that although our loved ones are no longer physically with us, they will always remain in our hearts.