“I had a reading with Sandra in Ireland a few years ago. I was amazed that she got an accurate vision of my home in Pennsylvania, and also saw that my daughter was moving next to a river – which was spot on. I realized her psychic abilities are very finely tuned to detail. Then, she surprised me by receiving communication from an uncle who had died years ago. She described him perfectly and communicated a message to me. When I told my family what had happened, his message made perfect sense to his siblings. It was an amazing reading. I also recommended Sandra to a friend who has experienced some very traumatic losses in her life. My friend’s reaction to her reading was, ‘Was she reading my e-mail?’ It was that accurate! So, without hesitation, I can say that Sandra has extraordinary abilities to make and connect with other dimensions.”


Carol Bowman

Author, Past Life Therapist, Researcher

“How can I measure the impact of knowing the answer to the mystery of life? Sandra O’Hara has proven to me that our souls do survive after the death of our bodies. …There are no words to describe the pure joy of reconnecting with family and friends on the other side, which she made possible. … She has truly been an answered prayer. I now see life in a new and better way!”


“It was a very moving and profoundly healing experience…. I was amazed …. I knew at last I could be at peace with my mother. …Sandra bade me to give my dog a good Irish name. Within a month, I adopted a pug. I named him Oscar for Ireland’s greatest wit, Oscar Wilde.”


“…I was filled with peace. Sandra proceeded to tell me that when I was pregnant with my son, I was actually pregnant with twins and I lost one child, a little girl. She confirmed what I had thought all along. … It was the best gift ever. … The last thing Sandra said was … about my health. …I needed to go to the doctor right away and stop brushing this off. … I had two biopsies for cervical cancer … all within eight days of seeing Sandra. … Life had changed. … I feel like if I would not have gone to this event that my health would be in another state right now. … I thank God every day for helping me to … go to the event [with Sandra] that night and that it has changed me and my life for the good….”


“Sandra O’Hara is the real deal – a medium who brings forth what to this parapsychologist’s eyes is real Spirit communication (and note I’m also a professional mentalist and trained in magic). She does this with great compassion and understanding for people on both sides of the equation, the living and the dead. It’s my great pleasure to have been able to observe her on several occasions, and to get to know her personally. I look forward to a time I can work with her in my own field investigations and research.”   www.mindreader.com

Loyd Auerbach, M.S.

Author, Researcher, Professor

“Meeting Sandra for the first time left me Star struck as I looked into her eyes and saw a kindred spirit, someone who is assisting in bringing Light on this planet at this current time. She is a remarkable individual with natural out-of-this-world intuitive abilities. Having worked with Sandra a few times, I was able to take a glimpse into her soul and saw how truly a Way Shower she really is, helping others connect to their loved ones in the spirit world and by teaching them how easy and accessible the spirit world really is.”

Homer Castillo

Healer, Artist, Teacher

“Sandra … is the most gifted psychic …. I first started working with Sandra in 2006 … at a point in time where I was having indescribable difficulty with my daughter. I gave Sandra zero information (being a skeptic) and Sandra honed right in, with accurate references to family situations … (and) very unique family names… providing me with peace of mind. …I can honestly say that everything Sandra said was 100% accurate.”


“The healing and peace of soul experienced through the specificity of Sandra’s Spirit messages is unparalleled. Eternal gratitude and love to you, Sandra, for sharing your gifts and insight with the world.”


“Sandra O’Hara is ‘The Real Deal.’ She is one of the most gifted psychic mediums that I have ever met. Sandra delivers her messages with empathy, kindness and an infectious sense of humor. She is a very special person and I am so lucky to call her a trusted friend.

Karen Bates

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Sandra is a life-changing Angel with awesome humor! Going into my Skype reading with hope and a bit of fear of the unknown, I was totally amazed at the powers of this lady. Sandra completely put me at ease and told me so many things that no one could have possibly known except the person I was needing to contact. For me, although the messages were extremely important, the most powerful impact was the certainty of Sandra’s connection with the other side. Sandra is detailed and amazing in every way, leaving me feeling at peace and uplifted with messages beyond anything I could imagine! She is truly a gift from God.”