Stop beating yourself up about something you did, said or thought.
Spiritual Living is not about being perfect. We are here to be human,
we are here to mess up, and sometimes we mess up quite magnificently.
We break hearts, we hurt people, we hurt ourselves. As long as we
choose to learn from those mistakes and not to repeat them then we are
living spiritually. Go easy on your self. You are a spiritual being in
a human body for a reason. Allow yourself that human weakness, and
choose to learn from it.

Life is full of lessons and as we are only human, we can make
mistakes.  Every day we have the opportunity to learn and to make the
most of our time and to keep our energies as pure as possible.

When things go wrong, and we are partly or fully to blame, we can
sometimes put too much thought and energy into what happened and
concentrate too much on  re-living it and blaming ourselves for what,
most of the time, is simply a mistake.

This keeps us from moving forward.  Ask yourself this… What if we are
meant to be where we are, doing what we are doing, with the people in
our lives at that time, even if the outcome sometimes means we end up
making mistakes?

Ask yourself,what is your intention?  Are you contributing positively
to the Universe and those around you or are you creating negative
energy that weighs you and others down.

Do you forgive yourself for your mistakes or do you dwell on them?

Move forward from your mistakes and live in the present.

If you have hurt someone,make amends and then let it go!
If you have made an mistake,correct it, if you can’t correct it, let it go!
Learn from your mistakes, allow them to be reminders of ‘how not to do
it’ and then let go of the emotional attachment that anchors you to a
negative place.

Be the best that you can be.

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Spirits Taking Responsibility

There have been times when I have messages coming through from Spirit that in their own life-times were not always the nicest people, and this can be very difficult and conflicting for the relative receiving those messages.  Sometimes, they wish to apologise and acknowledge their actions that caused hurt and distress, they don’t always use the words “I am sorry,” but I believe the very fact that they come through acknowledging their failures, bad deeds, etcetera, is their way of ‘putting their hands up,’ admitting that they did wrong.  As important as this is for the living person to receive this validation of the behaviours against them, it is just as important for the person passed:  by accepting their own short-comings and unacceptable behaviour, they are embracing their journey into evolvement in the Afterlife.  I always tell the recipient of these often distressing and always emotional messages, often the deceased person is not always asking for their forgiveness, rather they are saying they have ‘faced’ themselves, and are trying to make amends and take responsibility.  It is fair to say that some do not yet take on board the hurt and confusion they have caused others and for these, Enlightenment is harder to attain!  They, it appears, are destined to stay on the ‘lower levels’ of the Spirit Realm until they acknowledge and feel sorrow for their behaviours whilst on Earth.





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Are the Spirits Around Us All the Time?

I am often asked that question.  Yes, our Loved Ones are around us but not all the time.  Your family and friends aren’t around you 24/7, but when there’s a crisis or emergency, they’re there when you need them.  Well, it’s just the same way with your family and friends in the Spirit World.  They are aware of what we are feeling and know what’s going on in our lives and try to let us know they are there for us.  They cannot help us with everything and certainly can’t change our path in this life, but they do like to give us guidance and comfort.  They are around us to let us know that they love us and that whatever worries or problems that are going on with us will pass and that they are supportive of us, no matter what.  It takes a lot of energy for those in Spirit to make contact with us, they are happy to make that happen but it is not always as often as we may like or want.  They, too, may have their own healing and evolvement to go through, but they will always be there when we need them the most.



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Helping Children Grieve…

The death of a grandparent is often a child or young person’s first encounter with the death of someone important.  The realisation that we die may come with varying degrees of surprise or shock.  Some children will work out that if a grandparent has died, other people may die, resulting in unusually clingy or anxious behavior.  Others may take it in their stride.

Children and young people grieve just as much as adults but they show it in different ways.  They learn how to grieve by copying the responses of the adults around them, and rely on adults to provide them with what they need to support them in their grief.

Children have a limited ability to put feelings, thoughts and memories into words and tend to “act out” with behaviours rather than express themselves verbally.  Showing your grief will encourage them to express theirs.  Their behavior is your guide as to how they are and this is as true for a very young child as it is for a teenager.

Children are naturally good at dipping in and out of their grief.  They can be intensely sad one minute, then suddenly switch to playing happily the next.  This apparent lack of sadness may lead adults to believe that children are unaffected, but this is a type of in-built safety mechanism that prevents them being overwhelmed by powerful feelings.

Adults naturally want to protect, but children have a much greater capacity to deal with the harsh realities of life than we realise, as long as they are told in an appropriate way.  Even a very sad truth will be better than uncertainty and confusion.  What a child does not know they will make up and their fantasies can be very distressing to them and difficult to deal with.

Children and young people need information given in words appropriate for their age and understanding.  Without information, they cannot start to make some sense of what has happened.  Children pick up on atmosphere and will be aware that there is something that everyone else knows about but not them.  This can create feelings of exclusion and isolation from the rest of the family.

Phrases such as “gone to sleep” or “passed away” or words such as “lost” may feel kinder but can lead to confusion for young children, as they take words so literally.  We encourage children to find things that they have lost and if they associate going to sleep with dying, this commonly results in anxieties at bedtime.

Saying that the person “went away” may cause the child to feel abandoned or think he or she did something wrong and is no longer loved.  Questions need to be answered honestly, and in simple language suitable for the child’s age.

Children of all ages do not like to feel under pressure to express powerful emotions; it can feel too painful or just not the right time.  Talking is only one way of doing this and for many young people, it is not what they find easy to do.  There are alternatives.  A shared activity such as walking the dog or playing a game takes off the pressure and therefore can be a time when a child will start to share their thoughts and feelings.

Every child is unique and will cope with the death of someone important in their own way.  There is no magic formula.   Openness, including the children in all aspects of the grieving process, and keeping as much to a ‘normal’ everyday routine as is possible will make a huge difference.


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Soul Agreements

Soul Agreements are essentially life contracts we make before we are born into this world.  As spiritual beings we want to learn and grow by choosing different experiences.

While we are in the Spirit World we think about things we would like to learn in order to facilitate our soul’s growth.  We also need the help of other souls.  We choose to form agreements with other souls so we can play out each other’s lessons.  It’s almost like putting together a play where all the characters work on their parts and play them out in order to evolve.

These agreements help guide our life.  They are about circumstances, life situations and people we meet so that we can learn.  Our learning can involve negatives as well as positives.  We might make a Soul Agreement with those that will hurt us in some way, emotionally or physically.  If one of your goals was to learn about partnership, you and another soul may have agreed to marry, or maybe a lesson in hardship or pain needed to be learned so we might choose a negative experience like a difficult childhood or an abusive relationship.  Sometimes we learn the most from the very difficult situations.  We may have been up to the challenge as a soul making these agreements, but once you get into the physical body it becomes extremely difficult.  Especially as we do not remember the agreements that we signed up to and may question why certain events are going on in our lives whilst others appear to have a relatively easier time of it!

Although Soul Contracts are generally pre-arranged, they are not necessarily written in stone.  We still have free will.  Perhaps you and your marriage partner have learned all you can for now and decide to end the marriage.  There is always some flexibility as to how everything plays out.

Soul Contracts can be very difficult for the human mind to understand and very challenging while working on them as a human being.  As a Spirit, our intention is to set up the best lessons possible for our present life-time in order to help our souls to learn, achieve and evolve.



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One Day

A lot can happen just in one day, are you making the most of your ONE day today?

“We are born in one day.  We die in one day.  We can change in one day, and we can fall in love in one day.   Anything can happen in just one day.”

We can’t change yesterday but we can start anew today.

Be inspired by life, and yet go beyond being merely inspired.  Act on your inspirations.  Let life stir your passion, and let that passion push you into action.  Let the outstanding, meaningful ideas flow, then do something real and useful with them.

Each time life makes a profound impression upon your heart, resolve anew to make a difference.  Take the real goodness you see, and be the living instrument through which it is amplified and expanded.

There is so very much that can inspire you, in the ordinary moments as well as in the extraordinary experience.  Consider each inspiration as a starting point from which you can do truly amazing things.

There is a reason why you feel that warm, right and wonderful sense of inspiration.  It resonates so well with you in order to give power and authentic purpose to your actions.  Follow that purpose, and make the most of that power.  Be truly inspired to act on your inspirations, and lift all of life to inspiring new heights.



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I believe we are Spiritual Beings here to have a Human Experience.  I look at the word imperfect and I see two words … I’m Perfect!

We are here to learn, so therefore we can learn from our ‘mistakes’ too … stop being so hard on yourself.  We are here to experience human life, with all its complexities … love, hurt, pain, happiness, success, failure, life and ultimately death.  No one’s perfect.

Until then, accept your journey here on Earth, with all its imperfections.  Stop being so hard on yourself.



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Grieving and Special Occasions

Our feelings of grief are magnified on days that we are accustomed to celebrating … days that were so meaningful to our deceased loved one and family.

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, anniversaries of the death, Christmas, family holidays and special occasions often trigger our grief response.

Remember that life has changed since the death of your loved one.  In grief we are adjusting to new roles.  Family get togethers are different now.  For some, they might be more commemoration than celebration.

Copying with grief can be particularly difficult when annual traditions and special occasions are continued in the friend’s or relative’s absence.  During these times our deceased loved ones are noticeably missed and their absence is more palpable than on a typical day.

Honor your sadness and your joy.  The person you are missing contributed to who you are.  Don’t be afraid to acknowledge them and pay tribute.  Be confident in your remembrance and embrace your emotions.

Hold onto the thought that although our loved ones are no longer physically with us, they will always remain in our hearts.



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My View of Life

I personally don’t fear death at all.  I have communicated countless times with those who have passed on to the other side when I do readings and receive messages for my clients, making connections with people I can’t possibly know existed.  I have memories of past lives.  I’ve had out of body experiences that show me that my body is just a physical suit that clothes my soul.

I don’t fear death because I believe that there is an Afterlife and that we are re-united with those who departed this life before us.

Because I don’t fear death, it makes living a lot easier too.  When you aren’t afraid to die, you find you aren’t afraid to really live, because in the end, nothing can truly harm you, not even death.

It is your belief system about death that causes you to fear it.  Do you fear death because you believe it is the ‘end’ and nothing else exists?  Do you fear death because you’ve been taught that judgment after Death is harsh and that any bad deeds, words or thoughts will banish you to some dark and horrible place?

What if death was something wonderful though?  What if when you die you go to a loving, beautiful place?  What if you’re reunited with loved ones you have ‘lost’ and missed?  What if death releases you from a physical body that has suffered pain and distress?

All of your beliefs in this life should empower and enlighten you.  If you lack evidence for a belief, adopt one that empowers you instead of one that scares you.

Lose your fear of death today.



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Tears to Laughter

Receiving messages from Spirit is always very emotional and indeed a bit of a roller-coaster, we can go from tears to laughter in a very short space of time.

It is important that we let these emotions out, unshed tears can build up inside us and cause us to shut down or shut off … shedding tears is not a sign of weakness, in fact, quite the opposite.

I ‘mop up’ tears everyday, sometimes including my own, as I can’t help but be affected too, by the person crying and the sometimes overwhelming energy coming from Spirit, but I can assure you that those tears quickly become smiles and then laughter.

Don’t be afraid to ‘let go’ … let it out, be true to your emotions, don’t let them ‘fester.  Our Loved Ones in Spirit want us to smile and laugh when we think of them or recount stories and memories.  Our tears are because we love and miss them … so, honour that too.  Don’t be afraid to show them.  Remember, ‘without rain, we wouldn’t have rainbows.’



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