I am often asked that question.  Yes, our Loved Ones are around us but not all the time.  Your family and friends aren’t around you 24/7, but when there’s a crisis or emergency, they’re there when you need them.  Well, it’s just the same way with your family and friends in the Spirit World.  They are aware of what we are feeling and know what’s going on in our lives and try to let us know they are there for us.  They cannot help us with everything and certainly can’t change our path in this life, but they do like to give us guidance and comfort.  They are around us to let us know that they love us and that whatever worries or problems that are going on with us will pass and that they are supportive of us, no matter what.  It takes a lot of energy for those in Spirit to make contact with us, they are happy to make that happen but it is not always as often as we may like or want.  They, too, may have their own healing and evolvement to go through, but they will always be there when we need them the most.