Stop beating yourself up about something you did, said or thought. Spiritual Living is not about being perfect. We are here to be human, we are here to mess up, and sometimes we mess up quite magnificently. We break hearts, we hurt people, we hurt ourselves. As long as we choose to learn from those mistakes and not to repeat them then we are living spiritually. Go easy on your self. You are a spiritual being in a human body for a reason. Allow yourself that human weakness, and choose to learn from it.

Life is full of lessons and as we are only human, we can make mistakes. Every day we have the opportunity to learn and to make the most of our time and to keep our energies as pure as possible.

When things go wrong, and we are partly or fully to blame, we can sometimes put too much thought and energy into what happened and concentrate too much on re-living it and blaming ourselves for what, most of the time, is simply a mistake.

This keeps us from moving forward. Ask yourself this… What if we are meant to be where we are, doing what we are doing, with the people in our lives at that time, even if the outcome sometimes means we end up making mistakes?

Ask yourself,what is your intention? Are you contributing positively to the Universe and those around you or are you creating negative energy that weighs you and others down.

Do you forgive yourself for your mistakes or do you dwell on them?

Move forward from your mistakes and live in the present.

If you have hurt someone,make amends and then let it go! If you have made an mistake,correct it, if you can’t correct it, let it go! Learn from your mistakes, allow them to be reminders of ‘how not to do it’ and then let go of the emotional attachment that anchors you to a negative place.

Be the best that you can be.