There have been times when I have messages coming through from Spirit that in their own life-times were not always the nicest people, and this can be very difficult and conflicting for the relative receiving those messages.  Sometimes, they wish to apologise and acknowledge their actions that caused hurt and distress, they don’t always use the words “I am sorry,” but I believe the very fact that they come through acknowledging their failures, bad deeds, etcetera, is their way of ‘putting their hands up,’ admitting that they did wrong.  As important as this is for the living person to receive this validation of the behaviours against them, it is just as important for the person passed:  by accepting their own short-comings and unacceptable behaviour, they are embracing their journey into evolvement in the Afterlife.  I always tell the recipient of these often distressing and always emotional messages, often the deceased person is not always asking for their forgiveness, rather they are saying they have ‘faced’ themselves, and are trying to make amends and take responsibility.  It is fair to say that some do not yet take on board the hurt and confusion they have caused others and for these, Enlightenment is harder to attain!  They, it appears, are destined to stay on the ‘lower levels’ of the Spirit Realm until they acknowledge and feel sorrow for their behaviours whilst on Earth.