I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and made some memories; I spent mine in the company of great friends and laughter and good conversation was ‘the order of the day.’  Spend your life making good memories, value those around you that accept you for who and what you are, because one day those memories will be what you look back on and cherish.

This is something that I witness every day through those that come to visit me both from this world and the Spirit world.  Our loved ones in Spirit know and understand that we miss them and that our hearts are broken but they do want us to be happy and to remember all the happy times and not to be consumed by our loss.  They love to hear us laugh and talk of the ‘good times.’

Celebrate their lives and their time with you.  Yes, it is okay to cry and feel sad but it is also very much okay to smile and laugh when you think of them too.