This week seems to be about messages concerning the after-effects of a bereavement, especially where Wills and Last Testaments are concerned.

I found myself saying more than once, “Where there is a Will, there’s a Family, there is an Argument.”  When we pass to Spirit, bricks and mortar and monies do not concern us anymore but if it has caused a division in family left behind, it is distressing.

No one likes to think about their ‘future’ passing, but it is a ‘fact of life’ and the one thing that ultimately we can’t avoid.  It is important that we make sure that our last wishes are known and that all of our legal documentation is done in a clear and fair way, so that there is no room for error and misunderstandings after we are ‘gone.’  The loss of a Loved One is difficult enough without being complicated by arguments over material things.