The Universe is always in a constant state of ‘yes,’ putting opportunities, people and situations on our paths at exactly the time we need them.  When your Intentions are clear, the Universe has a way of assisting you by placing you in the ideal situation so that you can manifest your Intention.  Your task is to be aware and pay attention to what shows up in your life and act on it, because the actions you do or don’t take are the key to achieving or not achieving the outcome you want.  Without action there’s sluggishness, resistance, fear and avoidance.

When you  have the absolute want and courage to take action on your Intention, your Soul just opens up and life responds by becoming more happy.  When you’re open to the flow of life, it’s easy to let go of the resistance that may have been holding you back from making whatever changes you want.  But you’ve got to be willing to do your part to enable the Universe to work its magic for you.

So how can you assist the Universe with helping you to create whatever you want in life?

The Universe is always assisting us in creating the life we’re living by tapping into the energy and emotions we’re allowing to flow from us.  If you’re feeling fearful and scared, the Universe will send you more of that energy.  If, on the other hand, you’re feeling joyous and courageous, more of that energy will flow to you too.  Remember the Universe is in a constant state of ‘yes.’  Be positive in your Intent, do not blame others for it not happening in the time-frame that you ‘want,’ look to your own actions that are preventing the manifestation of your Intentions.  It is not “I will” or “I can,” it is “I Am….”