A lot can happen just in one day, are you making the most of your ONE day today?

“We are born in one day.  We die in one day.  We can change in one day, and we can fall in love in one day.   Anything can happen in just one day.”

We can’t change yesterday but we can start anew today.

Be inspired by life, and yet go beyond being merely inspired.  Act on your inspirations.  Let life stir your passion, and let that passion push you into action.  Let the outstanding, meaningful ideas flow, then do something real and useful with them.

Each time life makes a profound impression upon your heart, resolve anew to make a difference.  Take the real goodness you see, and be the living instrument through which it is amplified and expanded.

There is so very much that can inspire you, in the ordinary moments as well as in the extraordinary experience.  Consider each inspiration as a starting point from which you can do truly amazing things.

There is a reason why you feel that warm, right and wonderful sense of inspiration.  It resonates so well with you in order to give power and authentic purpose to your actions.  Follow that purpose, and make the most of that power.  Be truly inspired to act on your inspirations, and lift all of life to inspiring new heights.