I personally don’t fear death at all.  I have communicated countless times with those who have passed on to the other side when I do readings and receive messages for my clients, making connections with people I can’t possibly know existed.  I have memories of past lives.  I’ve had out of body experiences that show me that my body is just a physical suit that clothes my soul.

I don’t fear death because I believe that there is an Afterlife and that we are re-united with those who departed this life before us.

Because I don’t fear death, it makes living a lot easier too.  When you aren’t afraid to die, you find you aren’t afraid to really live, because in the end, nothing can truly harm you, not even death.

It is your belief system about death that causes you to fear it.  Do you fear death because you believe it is the ‘end’ and nothing else exists?  Do you fear death because you’ve been taught that judgment after Death is harsh and that any bad deeds, words or thoughts will banish you to some dark and horrible place?

What if death was something wonderful though?  What if when you die you go to a loving, beautiful place?  What if you’re reunited with loved ones you have ‘lost’ and missed?  What if death releases you from a physical body that has suffered pain and distress?

All of your beliefs in this life should empower and enlighten you.  If you lack evidence for a belief, adopt one that empowers you instead of one that scares you.

Lose your fear of death today.