I believe that when we face hard times, problems or sadness in our lives, it is also important that we count our blessings too.  This helps us to be more thankful about all the good things that we have and have done, instead of just focusing on our worries.  You might think, what is the big deal with counting your blessings, it won’t make my problems go away….  This is very true, counting your blessings will not make your problems vanish into thin air, but it will help you cope with the negative emotions and thoughts that might be getting in the way of you actually appreciating every good thing you are already blessed with, and give you the strength and determination to overcome the bad stuff.  Let’s be honest, life will always have its ups and downs, but take heart and keep the faith and know that “this too shall pass.”  Whatever problems you are facing right now, know that how you feel in this moment will only get better and tomorrow is a ‘new day.’  Do not let your problems dictate how you think about life in general.