Soul Agreements are essentially life contracts we make before we are born into this world.  As spiritual beings we want to learn and grow by choosing different experiences.

While we are in the Spirit World we think about things we would like to learn in order to facilitate our soul’s growth.  We also need the help of other souls.  We choose to form agreements with other souls so we can play out each other’s lessons.  It’s almost like putting together a play where all the characters work on their parts and play them out in order to evolve.

These agreements help guide our life.  They are about circumstances, life situations and people we meet so that we can learn.  Our learning can involve negatives as well as positives.  We might make a Soul Agreement with those that will hurt us in some way, emotionally or physically.  If one of your goals was to learn about partnership, you and another soul may have agreed to marry, or maybe a lesson in hardship or pain needed to be learned so we might choose a negative experience like a difficult childhood or an abusive relationship.  Sometimes we learn the most from the very difficult situations.  We may have been up to the challenge as a soul making these agreements, but once you get into the physical body it becomes extremely difficult.  Especially as we do not remember the agreements that we signed up to and may question why certain events are going on in our lives whilst others appear to have a relatively easier time of it!

Although Soul Contracts are generally pre-arranged, they are not necessarily written in stone.  We still have free will.  Perhaps you and your marriage partner have learned all you can for now and decide to end the marriage.  There is always some flexibility as to how everything plays out.

Soul Contracts can be very difficult for the human mind to understand and very challenging while working on them as a human being.  As a Spirit, our intention is to set up the best lessons possible for our present life-time in order to help our souls to learn, achieve and evolve.