A lot of readings and Spirit messages involve the need to let go of hurt, resentments and ‘toxic’ people in our lives.  This is something that we find hard to do, not realising that holding onto the pain of it limits our growth and will impact on us not just emotionally but almost certainly on our physical health too.  In a lot of cases, we are not going to get an explanation or indeed an apology for what has occurred and so we need to release ourselves from it.  The amount of time that it takes to achieve that ‘release’ is not important, only that we do ‘release’ that negative energy.

Ultimately, the act of forgiveness releases us from past hurts, memories and enslavement.  Alternatively, to not forgive is to surrender oneself to the control of others and allow the present to be consumed by the past.  If we choose not to forgive, we subject ourselves to the possibility of carrying anger, bitterness and resentment into future situations and relationships, as well as deprive ourselves of the peace of mind, health and happiness we deserve.

Remember, by forgiving, we are not condoning the negative behavior.  We do not have to tell the other party that we are forgiving them, it is for our benefit and not theirs.