Sometimes your Loved Ones will come back to you in vivid dreams, you may wake with a feeling that the dream was ‘real.’ Sometimes you will smell something you associate with them, it could be a whiff of their favorite perfume or after shave, maybe even pipe tobacco. Others may notice things in the house have moved from their usual position, or electrical appliances may start to play tricks. They like to leave things in our path – feathers, coins, etc. (If you come across a coin, check the date on it – it may be relevant to a Loved One that has passed). You may hear their voice or feel the warmth of their presence, or have the overpowering feeling that they have just walked into the room… everyone experiences this differently, but my advice is to accept these occurrences with pleasure and not fear, and know it’s just their way of trying to let you know you are not alone and they are with you still. I often find that when I am thinking of my beloved Dad a song will come on the radio that was a favourite of his.